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The King (2019)
The King (2019) added to Top 10 2019 list.
ScreenZealots rated and reviewed a movie.
7 hours ago
What’s so disturbing about “Wallflower” isn’t the subject matter, but that few likely remember this incident (dubbed the ‘Capitol Hill Massacre’) because mass shootings are now so commonplace in our country. The film tells the true sto... Read the full review »
TheMovieDiorama rated and reviewed a movie.
1 day ago
The Grudge 2 resents its illogical plot for basic ineffective jump scares. Shimizu’s western remake of his J-horror creation was one littered with promise, albeit irrefutably rough around the edges. Mediocre acting, snooze-inducing storytelling... Read the full review »
dariusfrench rated and reviewed a movie.
2 days ago
I still feel conflicted with everything I watched but at the end of the day, it’s safe to say “Charlie’s Angels (2019)” barely, and I mean BARELY manages take flight but comes to an indefinite crash-landing. The film isn’t destined to b... Read the full review »
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2 days ago

Can't find a film you are looking for?

@dariusfrench Charlie's Angels (2019) View the full reply »
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2 days ago
Creeper3455 rated and reviewed a movie.
2 days ago
Watch out, Ethan Van Der Ryn and Erik Aadhl (with Godzilla KOTM). Paul Massey, Don Sylvester and Paul Giammarco are coming to get that Oscar for Sound Mix (which will be both sad and great for me, given Godzilla had one rounding thumper of a mix,... Read the full review »
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3 days ago
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3 days ago
Moviegeek98 rated and reviewed a movie.
5 days ago
Shifting story tropes into a roaringly high octane inspirational tale, “Ford v Ferrari”, directed by James Mangold, thrills by matching its narrative’s intensity with the speed of the racing cars on the tracks, but really captivates because... Read the full review »
Barneyonmovies rated and reviewed a movie.
5 days ago
WHAT I LIKED: I normally start these reviews by saying what I liked about the film in question, but frankly there's nothing at all to like about Scary Movie 2, so let's instead get into what's not to like, because there's a whole lot of that... WH... Read the full review »
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tuanle rated and reviewed a movie.
1 week ago
filmDoge rated and reviewed a movie.
1 week ago
I didn't have a ton of expectations going into this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed The Shining (like much of the human population) so I was expecting a good continuation of the original story line. Overall I think Mike Flanagan was able to deliver... Read the full review »
j_peffer rated and reviewed a movie.
2 weeks ago
Official FilmFed Review
The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) is the latest movie in the trend of following a dog as the central character as he narrates throughout his life. While the movie plans on obviously tugging at the heartstrings of it's audience it still manages... Read the full review »