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An incredibly awkward love affair, which lacks any sort of charm or serious intrigue. This film has terrifyingly rubbish writing and acting that definitely does justice to it's even worse book counterpart. The main character relationship is very... Read the full review »
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Munich (2005)

Munich (2005)

6 / 10
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Smarter and funnier than its predecessor, Evil Dead 2 understands what it is, and goes all out with it. The Horror elements are inventive and fresh, while the comedy is irreverent and cheeky. Evil Dead 2 captures the best parts about the original,... Read the full review »
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Films you don't like that everybody else loves.

Sidney Lumet's Murder on the Orient Express is often called one of the greatest detective films, but it's honestly just such a drag. It's a shame because I love his debut 12 Angry Men (1957) View the full reply »
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Plot Twists!

@EducatedMovieFan Planet of the Apes! what a mention, you never see it coming. Loved all the ones above. I would have to say The Usual Suspects blew me away on the reveal and so did Seven. The Prestige as well has a great one, although easier to r... View the full reply »
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3 days ago

imdb import?

Using TMDB API it is possible to import the ratings and watchlist using the IMDB ID (CSV exported file from IMDB). Hopefully you can include this option to the site to make it more dynamic. Thank you. View the full reply »
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