Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

2018 PG-13 135 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian.

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • TheReelBurke


    8 / 10
    The biggest question I had going into this film was whether or not Alden Ehrenreich would be able to capture the spirit of Han Solo. I was pleasantly surprised instantly I felt like Ehrenreich was Han and maybe not the Han we knew from the origina... Read the full review »
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story may be wholly unnecessary but remains another enjoyable ride on the Millenium Falcon. If ever there was a franchise film with major production issues, this is it. "Fired" directors, tight deadline, unfinished script...suffi... Read the full review »
  • ScreenZealots


    2 / 10
    “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is a real turd. It suffers greatly from a miscast lead (Alden Ehrenreich), a bland script (by Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan), and plain vanilla direction from Ron Howard. There’s zero passion, zero charisma, zero cle... Read the full review »
  • Solo A Star Wars has entertainment in spades. Ehrenreich's great, Glover is exceptional, and the rest of the cast is incredibly charming. The VFX are absolutely amazing, and the cinematography is to die for. However; the action set-pieces can't di... Read the full review »
  • Creeper3455


    7 / 10
    “Oh,look! Another Star Wars movie. Unite the angry Fanbase and give them a notepad to write everything wrong with it so that they'll make their own rant! (and to give CinemaSins a run for their buck)” This is how most of this so called “Fanb... Read the full review »
  • Elite Reviewer
    "Solo: A Star Wars Story" might not be the epic battle between fascism and freedom that has themed the other entries in the "Star Wars" franchise, but this movie is still a fun, enjoyable ride. It is worth checking out for those who are willing to... Read the full review »
  • Official FilmFed Review
    "It is a lawless time," states the scene-setting opening text for the latest Star Wars spin-off Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), and frankly those words couldn't be closer to the truth right now. Yes, if the black and white world of social media is... Read the full review »
  • TheFilmFiles


    6 / 10
    This movie is just average. It’s not bad by any means but it just didn’t feel special. It’s a miracle that it wasn’t bad considering the behind the scenes drama this movie went through but still didn’t wow me at all. Alden was good as So... Read the full review »
  • Leaving the theater in my rickety 2002 Toyota Echo, high on “Solo” vibes, made me feel like Han Solo. That suave vibe that makes you want to be like the pilot is arguably this prequel’s primary strength among various significant weaknesses.... Read the full review »
  • In my opinion one actor should play Han Solo and that of course is Harrison Ford and the reason for this is that he is the only one with that cocky attitude that he can pull off and still be likable in the original films, Disney made this movie in... Read the full review »
  • "Solo: A Star Wars Story" may have been doomed to fail from the beginning. Prequels, in general, are tricky propositions. The entire concept is intended to shed new light on existing characters while also providing extensive back story. This is di... Read the full review »
  • noiinteamm


    6 / 10
    This is a solid entry into the Star Wars series. The actors are fantastic, and the plot is great. If you liked Rogue One, you'll love this movie. Easily one of the top 5 Star Wars movies. Read the full review »