Despicable Me 3

Jun 30, 2017

Gru and his wife Lucy must stop former '80s child star Balthazar Bratt from achieving world domination.

Overall Rating

5 / 10 Verdict: So-So
Avg. Rating: 5 # of Ratings: 9 # of Reviews: 4

Overall Rating

5 / 10 Verdict: So-So
Avg. Rating: 5 # of Ratings: 9 # of Reviews: 4

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Film Crew

Director: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin



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  • Despicable Me 3 feels like ten short animated films clipped into one jumbled, generic sequel that never really works. Sadly, the minions are given nothing to do, and all of the human gags don't work. Lastly, most of the protagonists never prove th... Read the full review »
  • Despicable Me 3 is where I draw the line. No more, please. This was barely passable. It's a tired franchise that did well and we all enjoyed it to begin with but my God you don't need to wring it the flop out! Illumination clearly just want to mak... Read the full review »
  • Before I begin this review, I would like to make clear that I'm 100% anti-minion. Any association or campaigning/marketing strategies used to gain popularity by the little yellow diablos deeply disgusts me and should be outlawed. Without further... Read the full review »
  • jorgefrancke


    4 / 10
    There's not much to expect in this 3rd installment, but that's not to say it's downright awful. The voice actors, for example, are amazing, especially Steve Carell as Gru. The animation is also top notch and very well made. I also liked the charac... Read the full review »

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