Miss Sloane

Nov 11, 2016 | R | 2h 12m

An ambitious lobbyist faces off against the powerful gun lobby in an attempt to pass gun control legislation.

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 4 # of Reviews: 4

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 4 # of Reviews: 4

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Film Crew

Director: John Madden



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  • Miss Sloane's tension comes partly from a set of incredible performances especially from Jessica Chastain who fuels this brilliant, infuriating and sarcastic character with some sort of gravitas and professionalism. Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: 'Miss Sloane,' is an engaging court-room thriller not just because its legal battles and themes are so exhilarating, but also because this is just as much a film about the titular character where the whole story really rests on the s... Read the full review »
  • Miss Sloane is in a niche of films I personally love: political thrillers. This is all about gun lobbying, and fortunately this was released at quite a relevant time with gun crimes increasing every year. As the story progresses, the plot loses cr... Read the full review »
  • Elite Reviewer
    there's no doubt "Miss Sloane" is a politically charged film that will polarize viewers long before it ever hits the screen. There is a lot of fast-paced, punchy dialogue, courtesy of first time screenwriter Jonathan Perera, though there isn't muc... Read the full review »


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