Doctor Sleep

Nov 8, 2019 | R | 1h 32m

A traumatized, alcoholic Dan Torrance meets Abra, a kid who also has the ability to "shine." He tries to protect her from the True Knot, a cult who...

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 5 # of Reviews: 5

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 5 # of Reviews: 5

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Director: Mike Flanagan



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  • Moviegeek98


    8 / 10
    “Dare to go back”, the movie poster states, and “Doctor Sleep”, directed by Mike Flanagan, does indeed tap into a strong sense of nostalgia, while providing enough tension, deep emotions, and unique thrills to create an successful blend th... Read the full review »
  • ScreenZealots


    8 / 10
    You’d think a sequel to one of the greatest psychological horror films of all time, the 1980 Kubrick classic “The Shining,” would be a disastrous, pointless mess. So it’s a bit of a minor miracle that “Doctor Sleep” is every bit as goo... Read the full review »
  • filmDoge


    8 / 10
    I didn't have a ton of expectations going into this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed The Shining (like much of the human population) so I was expecting a good continuation of the original story line. Overall I think Mike Flanagan was able to deliver... Read the full review »
  • dariusfrench


    9 / 10
    To say “Doctor Sleep” came off as a pleasant surprise is putting it lightly; this film shines (no pun intended) with flying colors both as a stand-alone installment and as a follow up to the classic 1980’s film. The film manages to balance... Read the full review »

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