Shazam! (2019)

Shazam! (2019)

2019 PG-13 132 Minutes

Action | Comedy | Fantasy

A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • d_riptide


    9 / 10
    Wonder Woman proved it wasn’t impossible, Aquaman brought life back to a franchise and a character that was dwindling faster and faster by the minute and “SHAZAM!” brought the whole thing around full circle with that ancient movie magic that... Read the full review »
  • Shazam! shockingly refreshes the superhero sub-genre through childish behaviour. After the pleasant surprise that was 'Aquaman', it seemed that DC found its feet and could pretty much tackle anything. So when I heard that a film was being produced... Read the full review »
  • Creeper3455


    7 / 10
    Oh boy(!),the things you can do with an almost $100 Million budget… It’s hard to know what Warner Bros. and DC are trying to do as of now… Yeah,they’re trying to be bright and colorful after a grimy start (even if that means both Batman... Read the full review »
  • Big meets Instant Family. Zachary Levi was great! 6 years of Chuck trained him well. I love that DC finally figured out that it needs to be the goofy comic book company that it is. Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED The chances are if you're watching 'Shazam' you'll go in expecting a fun little movie to while away a coupe of hours to, and not a whole lot more. The heaviest thing in the trailers looks to be the sheer amount of red spandex covering... Read the full review »
  • ScreenZealots


    8 / 10
    When you hear that DC Comics is bringing yet another superhero to the big screen, the news likely follows with a groan of both exhaustion and presumed mediocrity. I will admit this was my initial reaction to “Shazam,” a character that few outs... Read the full review »
  • jessicabirnie


    7 / 10
    Entertaining and charming superhero movie. Read the full review »