Blonde (2022)

Blonde (2022)

2022 NC-17 166 Minutes

Drama | Mystery | Romance

From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, this reimagined fictional portrait of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe blurs the lines of fact and...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • Corey


    9 / 10
    Blonde is based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel of the same name. This award-worthy film is a fictionalized account of Marilyn Monroe's life, although some elements are true, there's a lot of blurring. Regardless, this is not a happy account of her li... Read the full review »
  • d_riptide


    1 / 10
    Almost every single Marylin Monroe movie after her death, with some rare exceptions, has been fake and/or exploitive to some degree: “Blonde” is almost no different in those regards but in many instances, it’s even worse. Compared to other... Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: There's been a lot of talk about Andrew Dominik's 'Blonde,' being an inaccurate and exploitative realisation of Marilyn Monroe's life, but I've always maintained that fact is utterly irrelevant when it comes to cinema. Art's job is t... Read the full review »