American Animals (2018)

American Animals (2018)

2018 R 116 Minutes

Drama | Crime

The unbelievable but mostly true story of four young men who mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious art heists in U.S. history.

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • ScreenZealots


    8 / 10
    Some would say the real American Dream is to get rich quick, and nothing brings a windfall of cash like an old fashioned robbery. Many a film has romanticized the idea of the heist in exact detail, from months of careful plotting to the ideal clea... Read the full review »
  • Official FilmFed Review


    6 / 10
    American Animals (2018) is written and directed by Bart Layton and tells the story of the 2004 Transylvania University book heist, where four students attempted to steal a collection of rare books from the university libraries restricted section.... Read the full review »
  • “This is not based on a true story….this is a true story” “American Animals” assures us right from the beginning. And it’s a good thing too because if this wasn’t half-documentary, it would be much harder to believe. Director Bart La... Read the full review »
  • Elmntsofmadness


    10 / 10
    There’s this feeling that infuses all youth; a feeling that something at some point from somewhere will happen and their lives will rise up out of the banal to become extraordinary. That feeling can turn into a sense of existential dread that as... Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: Bart Layton's 'American Animals,' isn't really a heist movie - it's instead a film that uses a real-life story of that nature to unlock a commentary on the longing that many have for something out of the ordinary to occur to make the... Read the full review »