RIDE Review

By Jordan Ryan Lester | Leave a Comment | Published 5 years ago
RIDE Review

Starring Bella Thorne and Jessie Usher, Jeremy Ungar’s latest film, Ride (2018) is a mediocre, if not somewhat interesting cyber-thriller in which a suspicious Ryde (fictional version of Uber) customer hijacks a driver and his friend.

Where the film begins to fall flat is in it’s oddly timed character beats, as well as the blatant lack of chemistry between the two leads. During the film, you never care for them or their plight because they don’t feel like real people, nor do they act like them.

But while the characters are very flat and the whole story is pretty average, there are some interesting ideas put forth, especially involving consumerism and “sticking to the script”. It’s not quite as effective as Sorry to Bother You (2018) (2018), but it works at times.

Overall, Ride (2018) is a mediocre thriller that may please some, but won’t satisfy those looking for a genuinely unique thriller.

Final Score: 5 out of 10

Ride • Run time 1:19 • Not Rated

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