Avatar (2009)

Avatar (2009)

2009 PG-13 162 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Science Fiction

In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • TheMovieDiorama


    10 / 10
    Avatar was my favourite film of all time (then Gravity came out) and unfortunately it has a grown a club of haters. Sure it's not for everyone, I get that. But for me, this film revolutionised visual effects...it was the best experience in the cin... Read the full review »
  • After reading all the hate reviews surrounding this movie, I've really come to pity the Millennials and their successors, These generations have become so jaded to life, while never having any actual exposure to an environmental revolution other t... Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: James Cameron's 'Avatar,' is primarily remembered for being a visual spectacle that broke ground with its 3D technology and visual effects. But what's most engaging about the film is its colonisation story about one particular coloni... Read the full review »