Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day (2002)

2002 PG-13 133 Minutes

Adventure | Action | Thriller

The ever-daring James Bond taking on a North Korean leader who undergoes DNA replacement procedures that allow him to assume different identities. American agent Jinx Johnson assists Bond in thwart...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good
  • Die Another Day has left me profoundly disheartened. For one, this is the final performance by Pierce Brosnan, whose time as Bond was marred by poor supporting performances, and worse scripts. Secondly, Die Another Day was the final James Bond fil... Read the full review »
  • REVISED REVIEW: Oh I was most certainly a naive film buff, particularly when reading my atrocious first review for one of the weakest Bond films in the franchise. I essentially gave it a ridiculously excellent rating for the memorable action seque... Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: Criticising a Bond movie for being too far-fetched or ridiculous is a bit like calling out a documentary for being too realistic. This series has always been utterly crazy, and 'Die Another Day,' is undoubtedly the film which embrace... Read the full review »