Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day (2002)

2002 PG-13 133 Minutes

Adventure | Action | Thriller

The ever-daring James Bond taking on a North Korean leader who undergoes DNA replacement procedures that allow him to assume different identities. American agent Jinx Johnson assists Bond in thwart...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • REVISED REVIEW: Oh I was most certainly a naive film buff, particularly when reading my atrocious first review for one of the weakest Bond films in the franchise. I essentially gave it a ridiculously excellent rating for the memorable action sequences. And yes, they still are memorable. From the hovercraft chase to the fencing battle, it's consistently exciting to watch. But sweet shaken martinis, you seriously need to suspend your disbelief when it comes to the plot. In fact, the entirety of this film is absurd. A Korean colonel undergoing a complete bodily transformation, becoming a rich white man so that he can build a giant laser weapon that will eradicate the divide between North and South Korea. A Bond car that has enough gadgetry and weaponry that it would put any weapons dealer out of business. Fully equipped with bombs, missiles, pistols, machine guns, traction spikes and two extended blades. Oh, and invisibility. Let's not forget that little feature! A vast majority of the action sequences rely heavily on ridiculously noticeable computer imagery. This includes Bond wind surfing on remnants of a vehicle, a plane uncontrollably being incinerated by the "freakin' laser beam" and Madonna. Yeah, I'm thinking she's all polygons and badly corrupted because she wasn't great. "I don't like cockfights". Alright alright you did the horrendous theme tune, give it a rest! I don't have any issues with Brosnan, Pike or Berry. The locations were varied, from Havana (ooh-na-na) to Iceland. But the main culprit is director Tamahori, who clearly couldn't guide anyone because the whole film was pretty much a mess. Prioriting action over storytelling. Alas, my nostalgia overpowers my hypercritical senses and there is enjoyment to be had. But in the end, Die Another Day should've died yesterday.