Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

2019 | 129 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natura...

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • dariusfrench

    9 / 10
    How the hell Marvel continues to keep outdoing themselves is anybody’s guess but after the monumental success of Endgame, you’d think they wouldn’t be able to go even further and successfully follow that up. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” does exactly that, if not more. Films like these are the very reason why we continue to adore and relate and attach ourselves to Spider-Man so much. Dissecting this from the first act alone, it’s more of a teen romance movie disguised as a superhero flick and it does exceedingly well at it. The romance is believable, the comedy is both light and silly but impactful, the relationship building is solid, each and every single one of the characters have this earnestness and charm that makes them likable in their sense and Peter Parker is the most relatable he’s ever been in this universe. The dramatic shift in tone and pacing benefits the story dynamic surrounding the characters once it actually decides to get going and once it does, it goes straight to second gear and it’s all guns and barrels blazing form that point onwards. The special effects are a distinct improvement, the CGI can be considered seamless, it has a much better antagonist, much higher sense of dread and danger and the action sequences are an absolute spectacle. It felt like I was watching a modern-day version of “The Matrix”.

    What really sold me for this movie we’re it’s themes surrounding maturity, responsibility, stepping up to the big leagues: all of which further flesh out Peter’s character because if Into The Spider-Verse taught us how to become your own Spider-Man, then Far From Home teaches us and drives home the mantra of what it means to actually be a hero and how it’s a responsibility that isn’t all that easy to live up to.

    As a stand-alone film, it’s everything you’d want to see from Spider-Man but as a follow-up to Endgame, it exceeds even the lowest of expectations thanks to Jon Watts. His vision for Spider-Man was made clear both visually and in execution via exceeding in having a better antagonist, character progression, relationship building, world-building, awe-inspiring moments, basically everything I liked in Homecoming was improved upon better in this post Endgame world.

    If you like Homecoming and you like this version of Spidey, then you’ll have a lot a fun here. If not, then I can respect that. But me, I’m a die-hard Spider-Man fan until the day I die.