Review: Is Get Out As Great As They Say?

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Review: Is Get Out As Great As They Say?

You've heard all the buzz, and you've seen the Rotten Tomatoes score. So the question is, are people overblowing this film? This is what everyone's wondering before they see Get Out (2017), the debut film for Jordan Peele as a Writer and Director. We have braved the crowds and seen the film, and now we are here to talk about it in the video below:

Though Key and Peele was definitely focused on comedy, any longtime fan can see how compelling and even cinematic the show can be as well, all thanks to Jordan Peele and his team of writers. For anyone who is on the fence about this movie, whether because of the touchy subject matter of race, or just because the trailers have been so unnerving, we recommend you give this film a chance. It may surprise you not only with it's strange mixture of scared and jokes, but also because of the deeper themes being addressed. Whether you've already rushed out to see it or not, the mass-success of the film is certainly with noting. After all, it's not every day critics and moviegoers so adamantly agree! If you ask is, this is definitely one to "get out" and check out as soon as you can.

Get Out (2017) - Daniel Kaluuya

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