'Columbus' Review

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'Columbus' Review

It's that time of year folks. The time of year for those smaller, independent films that make our hearts sweet and our eyes water. Soon you'll be hearing about all of the possible nominees this year. And although September is a bit early for that kind of awards buzz, I believe that ‘Columbus (2017)’ may be an exception.

For starters, John Cho is fantastic. He's always popped up and put his footprint on projects like Star Trek & Harold and Kumar, but never had a chance to go for that more high-brow dramatic role to garner some praise. And now he gets the chance and really uses it to its full potential. His performance is very subtle, just enough to make him seem real but not flat. Also great is Haley Lu Richardson, who you'll know from films such as ‘Split (2017)’ and ‘The Edge of Seventeen (2016)’. She brings a vulnerability to her part that we have had yet to see from her previously. And those are the two themes the film hits so well: subtlety and vulnerability.

'Columbus' Review - John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson

Now if you have read the plot synopsis, you're probably wondering “Well how are you supposed to blend something as boring and logical as architecture & and something so nonsensical and interesting as romance into a film? Especially a film in which the lead’s father is currently in a coma.” Beautifully, that's how the filmmakers blend them. Architecture is used as a Wonderful metaphor and also turned out to be a great way to bring two characters in a small town together. Really my only complaint with the film would be the feeling it sometimes gives the audience. At certain times, I did feel that it sometimes it felt a bit sterile; however that is a minor nitpick. I'm going to give Columbus a ‘9 out of 10’.

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