Bud Osborne

Birthday: July 20th, 1884 Date of Death: February 2nd, 1964 Place of Birth: Knox County - Texas - USA

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Bud Osborne (July 20, 1884 – February 2, 1964) was an
American film actor. He appeared in more than 600 films and television programs
between 1912 and 1963.

Osborne was born in Knox County, Texas, and died in
Hollywood, California from a heart attack. Osborne specialized in westerns, and
was also noted for his skill as a stage driver, and was thus much in demand
from his first film in 1912, right through the early 1950s. He was working as a
stunt man as late as 1948, in Ray Enright's Return of the Bad Men.

As he grew older, Osborne played small character parts in
television westerns such series as Have Gun – Will Travel, Bonanza, Bat
Masterson, Rawhide and The Lone Ranger. His last role, was in an episode of
Gunsmoke in 1963. His career spanned 51 years, with a total of 607 films and
television episodes to his credit.