Let Him Go (2020)

Let Him Go (2020)

2020 R 114 Minutes

Drama | Thriller | Crime

Following the loss of their son, a retired sheriff and his wife leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas.

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • d_riptide


    8 / 10
    An interesting movie on paper that’s not too easy on the eyes or ears, the 2013 novel-turned-feature film “Let Him Go” fairs far better in execution thanks not only to the performances that carry the films structure on its back but the structure within itself that actually offers a new take on typically well-worn character tropes, trying its damnedest to avoid falling into generic action-thriller territory by the later end of the movie and even flipping the switch regarding neo-Western tropes, all of which condensed down into a carefully crafted, if not, starkly ambitious and subverted story. The score has this very quiet somberness but eerily powerful magnetic pull to each scene that pulls you in, Costner and Lane’s chemistry, emotional depth and range is remarkable, same with the rest of the performances, dramatic tension is gradually increased both through the gritty slow-burn tone as well as the dialogue and while I think it’s still a little too early to call this one of the most visually appealing movies the entire year, I’m willing to take that gamble because the cinematography is breathtaking.

    Now, the pacing can falter ever so slightly near the end of the movie and while the characters were definitely engaging, the stances in which they took were a tad bit predictable and not really unique. But that is picking nits as far as I’m concerned.