The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2022)

The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2022)

2022 R 126 Minutes

Comedy | War | Drama

Chickie wants to support his friends fighting in Vietnam, so he does something wild—personally bring them American beer. What starts as a well-meaning journey quickly changes Chickie’s life and...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • Corey


    8 / 10
    I don't even drink beer and I enjoyed this movie! I was happily surprised--literally! Regal Cinemas hosted a Monday Mystery Movie. All that you knew: it was a new movie. No genre. No title. No Who's Starring In It. The only thing you got was the rating and the running time. I still couldn't guess what it was. soon as I saw Zac Efron I knew exactly the movie and started to think maybe I should bail, given that this is an Apple+ film and I could watch it, well, on Apple+. It's also handy to have a Regal Pass. This film is based on the nonfiction book of the same name. John "Chickie" Donohue leaves New York with a duffle bag full of beer so he can track down his buddies in Vietnam and share a cold, ahem, warm one with them. But instead he gets confronted with the horrors of the Vietnam war. Russell Crowe and Bill Murray are featured. And Brad Pitt is one of the producers--some A-list talent involved. However, be aware that though this film has some comedic moments, there are a lot of graphic scenes of war that may be triggering for some. Happy I didn't bail. A solid film.