The Accountant

Oct 14, 2016 R 2h 8m

As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.

Overall Rating

7 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 7 # of Ratings: 13 # of Reviews: 4

Overall Rating

7 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 7 # of Ratings: 13 # of Reviews: 4

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Film Crew

Director: Gavin O'Connor



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  • "The Accountant" is one of those few successful movies which comes every year that presents an origin story not based from an existing action-hero or comic book - where the titular character has these absurdist action skills and ninja moves to tak... Read the full review »
  • Another film based on a job title (seriously there are loads of these), The Accountant is about an autistic accountant who gets recommended to look into a company's records to find out where the money is going. Sounds like it would make a good dra... Read the full review »
  • This movie for sure is better then the critics say it is (and honestly don't know why this has a 49% on rotten tomatoes right now). I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the script was well written and had some really intreageing diologe. I felt... Read the full review »
  • Elite Reviewer
    Despite its flaws and an expected ending, "The Accountant" makes for a really fun watch at the cinema. Though it feels a little long, it remains thoroughly entertaining throughout its run time, even if it ventures into the dumb, trite territory fr... Read the full review »


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