Soul (2020)

Soul (2020)

2020 PG 101 Minutes

Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Drama

Joe Gardner is a middle school teacher with a love for jazz music. After a successful audition at the Half Note Club, he suddenly gets into an accident that separates his soul from his body and is...

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

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  • Official FilmFed Review
    From the difficulty of watching your kids grow up in the Toy Story movies, to the fate of mankind in Wall-E, Pixar films have playfully tackled quite a range of big topics over the years with their genius animated concepts. None have quite held the lofty ambitions that Pete Docter's Soul (2020) does however, as this is a film literally about the point of being alive.

    The brilliantly original story follows a New York jazz musician, who - having just landed his first big gig - dies after falling down a manhole and finds himself in an astral plane (y'know, s*** happens) where people's souls make their way in and out of life. He's then mistakenly forced to mentor an unborn soul (the depressed '22' who sees no point in living) when his consciousness (and voice) returns to his hospital bed on earth as a cat, and 22's does the same into his original body.
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