The End of Sex (2023)

The End of Sex (2023)

2023 R 87 Minutes

Drama | Romance | Comedy

A young couple, feeling the pressures of parenting and adulthood, sends their kids to camp for the first time and embark on a series of sexual adventures to reinvigorate their relationship.

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5 / 10
Verdict: So-So

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  • ScreenZealots


    5 / 10
    “The End of Sex” has a very specific type of humor that’s designed to appeal to parents. It’s a premise that will amuse those with children but for those of us without kids like myself, I found it difficult to relate to more often than not. It’s a film that’s often funny, but it doesn’t quite sprint across the finish line.

    Married for a decade, Josh (Jonas Chernick) and Emma (Emily Hampshire) have since settled into a mundane routine. It seems everyone everywhere is having a lot of fun in the bedroom, just not them. As he puts it, he and his wife have a “mutual apathy and shared disinterest in sex.”

    Suffering from the fear that they’ve been missing out on a steamy romance and with the kids away at camp, the couple decide to try all sorts of new and different experiences as they attempt to recapture the magic. Things don’t quite work out as planned, from a threesome with their best friend, taking ecstasy, and a surprising visit to a swingers club.

    The film has explicit sexual dialogue and frank talk, and Chernick (who also penned the screenplay) finds humor in clumsy sexual encounters and increasingly uncomfortable situations. There are some good sight gags and jokes, and the writing is honest – even if everything is not always relateable. The film is impeccably cast, with believeable actors playing equally credible characters. Neither Chernick nor Hampshire have a ton of charisma independently, but their onscreen chemistry and dry delivery is well-suited for the script. It never feels cringey to watch their characters step out of their comfort zone in the name of creating sexual excitement, and that’s because of their natural rapport.

    In the end, I was lukewarm about “The End of Sex.” It’s an unexciting concept for a film and although there’s some good material floating around, the finished product is not quite good enough.

    By: Louisa Moore / SCREEN ZEALOTS