Jack-Jack Attack (2005)

Jack-Jack Attack (2005)

2005 G 5 Minutes

Adventure | Animation | Family

Kari the babysitter thinks she's in for a night of routine babysitting. She's prepared to provide neurological stimulation with some soothing musical accompaniment for little Jack-Jack, the smalles...

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • Jack-Jack Attack comedically brings life to everyone's favourite super heroic baby. Fans will arguably claim that Jack-Jack is the best character from 'The Incredibles'. The mysterious enigmatic infant that, at first, seemingly acquired no special abilities. Only for this short animation to explore some of his various powers ranging from laser eyes, teleportation and spontaneous combustion. It's good fun, and Bird matches the consistency of his feature length film through visual storytelling that will provide many chuckles throughout. Kari the babysitter thrusts her magnificent ambition onto the screen, convincing both us and the Parr family that she can handle any situation. Let's be honest, no adult could deal with a floating baby drifting through walls. The short does fill a gap in parallel to 'The Incredibles', in particular how Syndrome got access to Jack-Jack, so there is some substance. Containing an excellent one-liner explaining what the 'S' stands for and why he couldn't have 'BS'. Ahhh...classic. It's fast paced, shifting between Jack-Jack's many powers and provides a small dose of entertainment for fans. And, let's face it, any animation accompanied by Mozart is aiming for great success. I personally would've preferred more development from an exhausted Kari and you can't help but feel like this was just a deleted scene twisted into a short animation. Whilst it does require you to have seen 'The Incredibles' previously, it's equally hilarious and balances a few memorable lines with silly visual fun.