The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick (2017)

2017 | R | 119 Minutes

Comedy | Romance

A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows.

Overall Rating

9 / 10
Verdict: Great

User Review

  • TheReelBurke

    9 / 10
    This is one of the best films of the year. Almost everything about this works perfectly. The story is tragic yet beautiful and flows perfectly with impeccable pacing. If the chemistry between the leads didn't work this film would have been a disaster with Nanjiani playing himself and Kazan playing his eventual wife. The chemistry between them on-screen felt so natural and real the film was sometimes felt voyeuristic. With the leads being so spectacular the supporting characters could have been lost in the shuffle but even the supporting characters felt fully developed. Kumail's family was to the source of most of the literal laugh-out-loud moments in the film. Once Holly Hunter and Ray Romano show up they bring another layer of tension and emotion that feels so awkward that you can't help but root for Kumail. Also, the way the film tackles racism both the subtle and overt kinds is both pointed and hilarious, reminding us that we all have more in common than we have not.

    My only issue with this film is that it gets a little loose in the third act and could lose about 10-20 minutes from the 119-minute runtime.

    With fully developed characters and a story that doesn't sound like it would lend itself to comedy, The Big Sick is emotional and hilarious. The chemistry between Nanjiani and Kazan anchors stellar performances from the entire cast even Kazan who spends two-thirds of the film asleep in a hospital bed. The Big Sick is right my second favorite film of 2017.