The Silencing (2020)

The Silencing (2020)

2020 R 93 Minutes

Crime | Thriller | Action

A reformed hunter becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local sheriff set out to track a vicious killer who may have kidnapped his daughter years ago.

Overall Rating

5 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • dariusfrench


    5 / 10
    The Silencing”, directed by Robin Pront and revolves itself around a deadly game of cat and mouse when a reformed hunter and female sherif set out to track a killer responsible for his daughters kidnapping, is an attempt at a no nonsense revenge thriller that really REALLY tries with what it’s given. Though serious in the layout and groundwork and working with very heavy themes, the film lacks a heavy amount of suspense when the dreary atmosphere called for it while the story functions playing off of very familiar tropes and tops off with a rather cliched final act. Cinematography’s solid if not exactly impressive except whenever they resort to shaky-cam during the action sequences, said action sequences are highly standard with chases, clues, violence, investigations, some misconceptions that come along offer minor plot turns that could raise a few eyebrows and while the writing benefits the protagonist more than its supporting characters and antagonist, it doesn’t entirely pull me out of the movie thanks to the solid performances, amazing backdrop and admittedly even pacing.

    It ended up being lesser than what I had anticipated but also met certain criteria for what I expected at the same time. I’m probably gonna forget this in T-minus one day but for what it had to work with and what it did accomplish, it’s fine.