Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

2019 PG-13 129 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natura...

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7 / 10
Verdict: Good

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  • Creeper3455


    5 / 10
    Well...Now I know how it felt like when everyone was angry at the "Mandarin Situation" from Iron Man 3. Also,see this in IMAX 3D. Oh,and Spoilers.

    This has probably been the roughest week of the year. Family reasons crushed us like a bug (literally),I had to pay a scary bill from Facebook/Instagram's impressive Promotion system (seriously,kudos),and then Spider-Man Far From Home comes up,which probably is the best Mixed Bag movie of 2019. It had moments I liked and moments that made me extra pissed (more so than Endgame,mind you) because of the same target you really want to be disintegrated: Avi "Venom" Arad.
    While there's nothing in relation to Venom in here,this felt to me like a great MCU Installment that got ruined by Sony throwing out the stuff we didn't like in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and doubling the ante on that: a serious tone (that does fit,given that it's a sort of Aftermath made by Endgame) that feels unintentionally funny,random setups for more movies (which fuck off. I'm not going to be all excited like the last time you did it [that wasn't Spider-Verse]),things that go nowhere and serious moments that end on a funny note.
    Oh,and also scenes that aren't in the trailer. Eh,well. Typical of Superhero movies…
    But again,this movie has pros.
    The acting was mostly fine,except for Jake Gyllenhaal,who is just brilliant (and I’m always a sucker for him whenever I see him on-screen) as Mysterio,and he as a whole is fantastic to a point. Michael Giacchino’s score has gotten an improvement. Not by a long shot,but it’s still better than Homecoming’s. The Peter & MJ Love theme is really sweet and charming,and the Mysterio stuff was just him trying not to do Doctor Strange again. The action is really cool to watch and yes. As everyone says,the illusion scene is one of the best scenes in the MCU. It even becomes Marvel Zombie at a point (which can we PLEASE stop with random Jumpscares in Franchise movies? Between this,Dumbo and Godzilla 2). Again,go see it in IMAX 3D. Not only it had a bigger runtime than Aquaman (in terms of IMAX Sequences),but there are several moments where they take full advantage of 3D,so that’ll make your 3D viewing all the more enjoyable.
    But that’s all I can praise off,sadly.
    When it’s not Mysterio doing cool stuff,the movie lacks in artistic and/or visual flair,and that makes the movie sorta bland. Speaking of,his reveal as a villain sucks so many asses. You can’t just throw out a “Yay. I’m the villain!! :-D” and continue it off with a slew of hugely minor characters (from other installments) to be like “Yay. Continuity!” to then go off with a motivation that I’ve seen done better in The Incredibles. That’s a Creative Clash that Avi would do. “But Tony Stark is dead,so that makes sense” NO. No. Even if he’s dead,you shouldn’t do this motivation for,say,6-7 movies. For me,anyway. And yeah,that mid-credit sequence freaked me out (only for that character),but when they actually did the reveal of Spider-Man being a menace to the city,it pissed me off in a way,because of how either the Raimi movies or the Amazing franchise took that out of the way in a hurry. Like,that’s literally the last thing I need to worry about Spider-Man.
    So,uhh yeah. I didn’t really like Far From Home. Shocking,because (outside the first 2 Thor movies and a bit of Iron Man 2) I don’t expect an MCU movie to be worse than...I don’t know. Ant-Man? Venom?
    But then again,I’m starting to feel a bit of fatigue for these movies,and I feel like you’ll enjoy it. To apologize for the lack of good stuff in it,they even replicate the best scene in Iron Man 2 (where Iron Man and War Machine shoot a gigantic army of Drones),so what more could you want?