What!? Animism: People Who Love Objects (2013)

What!? Animism: People Who Love Objects (2013)


The course of true love never did run smooth, especially when people fall for their favorite inanimate objects in what's defined as animism, the act of developing sexual and emotional relationships...

Overall Rating

3 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • Animism presents an unusual sexual attraction but with no depth or analysis. Object Sexuality, or "OS" if you can't be bothered to constantly say the whole blurb, is the attraction to inanimate objects. Not necessarily a physical relationship, but one that enables the human to feel love towards the object. In this documentary, that includes following various individuals who are in love with such objects like (but not limited to): The Eiffel Tower, a Ferris Wheel, a car, the Berlin Wall and the Statue of Liberty. Oh, and an original Monopoly board game. Whilst it is a certainly interesting...ummmm...thing, this documentary contains no psychological or emotional analysis on these individuals. We're meant to understand why they are "OS" (hence why these people share their feelings with us) but in actual fact all this documentary does is allow others to make fun of them.

    All this because the film acts as an insight, showing these individuals as if they belong in an abnormal gallery, rather than an analysis. We gain no understanding as to why they feel attracted to objects. They just do. No interviews with psychologists or experts with doctorates. Just the assumption that we are automatically meant to nod our heads and accept this sexuality into the social norm (despite homosexuality, transgender etc. still not being fully accepted). I mean one woman got married to The Eiffel Tower, it then "didn't work out" so she falls in love with the Berlin Wall. Oh, and then a crane? Look, people can love and do whatever they want, but documentaries like this aren't exactly helping themselves. Sure I'm aware of this new-found sexuality, but that's about it. With no real depth, it somewhat acts as a backfire for these people. Allowing society to laugh at them instead of understand them. Ironically I did not fall in love with this documentary. Nor the television I watched it on. But maybe my bed...