Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

2009 | PG-13 | 97 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction | Thriller

When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the St...

Overall Rating

2 / 10
Verdict: Awful

User Review

  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-literally becoming Caucasian. Come on! Even if Kreuk is of Asian descent, she's blatantly miscast considering her character is predominantly Asian when portrayed as a young girl (and the source material). Laughably absurd whitewashing aside, this is without a doubt one of the worst video game adaptations I have had the misfortunate of viewing. Did anyone actually try here? It shouldn't be that difficult to make a Street Fighter film, yet this atrocity makes the 1994 adaptation look surprisingly decent (newsflash: it's not). Chun-Li's father is taken by a shadowy organisation who wants to redevelop Bangkok's slums (of all places...) She grows up and naturally seeks revenge by "becoming one with the streets", because y''s Street Fighter.

    Punches weaker than Chris "Keanu Reeves" Klein's acting, which literally seems impossible at this stage, and kicks lighter than Kreuk's skin colour, which conversely is entirely possible. There really isn't a redeemable quality to be found. Despite Bartkowiak seemingly trying to direct a relatively mundane plot into a more exciting direction, everything he touches turns to 16-bit nonsense. The inclusion of A-list actors, Clarke Duncan as Balrog and McDonough as an unnecessary Irish Bison, hinders both the film and their careers. Honestly, no one is acting. And it's as if no one has played Capcom's arcade fighter before, as nearly all the characters except Vega are completely wrong.

    The plot, characters, score, direction, visual effects, costumes, Chun-Li's hair, fight choreography, my life and dance sequences (no seriously, Chun-Li dances and it's like watching a horror scene) were all the epitome of frickin' boring. Sleep-inducing nonsense. I was howling when Chun-Li kicks the mask of Vega only to reveal, the one and only, Taboo. "I Gotta Feeling" that "Imma Be" using my "Boom Boom Pow" to Hadouken this abomination into a million tiny pieces. "Shut Up", "Rock That Body" and "Pump It" into oblivion. "Where Is The Love" for this rubbish? "Out Of My Head". (Okay, I'm done...).