The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

2015 NR 119 Minutes

Western | Comedy

When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers.

Overall Rating

1 / 10
Verdict: Awful

User Review

  • The Ridiculous 6 is unequivocally ridiculously atrocious. Y'know, sometimes I like to think that Adam Sandler gets a bad reputation because of his questionable work in 'Jack and Jill'. I graciously give him opportunities to win me over with his "charismatic" charm. But then, for some unknown reason, we get ridiculous tripe like this. A parody of western classics like 'The Magnificent Seven' but with spoofed toilet humour found in 90s teen comedies. Who approved this script? Is there an audience for this abomination? Because sweet Texan lord, this was as "funny" as a fly drowning in a glass of water with a donkey exploding its guts onto a wooden wall (actually happens in the film). Urgh. A cool-headed man discovers that his biological father is kidnapped, and coincidentally meets his other five brothers who team up to rescue him.

    Lazy, offensive, unfunny, terribly directed, atrociously edited and badly performed. I cannot, and will not, find a redeeming factor in this festering pile of excrement, left out in the old western sun. I refuse to bore you with the ridiculous amount of criticisms, so I'll showcase some highlights. The brothers consists of a Mexican burro rider, a mentally challenged exaggerated imbecile, a feral mountain-man who speaks gibberish, the bodyguard of Abraham Lincoln and an African-American pianist. The hilarity, apparently, is that they have nothing in common. Lautner decimates his career even further than 'Twilight' did. Nolte couldn't give a toss. Sandler attempts to imitate his best Clint Eastwood impression, but face plants the dusty road with his monotonous, boring, expressionless performance.

    A Native American named "Never Wears Bra". Really? Sandler continuously conducting forward rolls miraculously transforming into, and I kid you not, a tumbleweed. A twenty minute scene "hilariously" recreating the moment Doubleday invented baseball, with Chinese immigrants, which has no place in the plot whatsoever. I can't. I just can't be bothered. It's so irrefutably terrible, that I would advise getting a colonoscopy instead. No more chances Sandler.