My Sex Robot (2010)

My Sex Robot (2010)


Overall Rating

3 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • My Sex Robot feels stiffer than a fembot giving a handjob. Sometimes (quite often actually) I question some of the films that I watch. Well, I think this takes the biscuit. A documentary that follows various male individuals quenching their relentless fetish for robot sex. This includes one man meeting two inventors who are crafting competing robots (and damn does Roxy look used...) whilst a heterosexual couple fantasise about "playing robots", which essentially means hypnotising the girlfriend to play a robot and become an obedient sex slave. Role-playing is fun y'all!

    Right, so the contents of this documentary will probably leave you disgusted. Not because of the disgusting robots that look worse than a prostitute thrown into a shredder. But actually due to the colossal amount of misogyny that is conveyed. The documentary rarely dives into the ethical issues of the technological advancements being made in the adult industry, and instead takes advantage of lonely men who cannot be bothered to deal with the heartache and effort that goes into a human relationship. They want slaves. They want female robots who do, say and think exactly what the men want them to think. The backstories into these men were severely underdeveloped, unable to conceive any sympathy for their unknown fetish. Instead, they are portrayed to be laughing stocks. We watch them inspect scummy-looking robots thinking "does the skin come off? Can it be cleaned easily? Does she move her head back and forth?". Yet where is the psychological analysis?

    The documentary itself is incredibly basic and stages various scenarios, such as a group of friends discussing the moral implications of owning a fembot. Then the straight couple encounter an "erotic hypnotist" who enables the girlfriend to (and bare with me...) "install a pleasure battery" and "configure her operating system". I mean...whatever makes them happy, I guess. A few interesting questions are raised and the documentary provides a narrow insight into the adult world, but I cannot condone the objectification of women. At all.