First Reformed

Sep 2, 2017 1h 48m

Reverend Ernst Toller is a solitary, middle-aged parish pastor at a small Dutch Reform church in upstate New York on the cusp of celebrating its 25...

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 8 # of Reviews: 6

Overall Rating

8 / 10 Verdict: Good
Avg. Rating: 8 # of Ratings: 8 # of Reviews: 6

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Director: Paul Schrader



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  • BarneyNuttall


    10 / 10
    Many films have discussed the role of the church in the face of great evil, The Exorcist probably being the most notable example, or perhaps Tarkovsky's Stalker. First Reformed tackles the issue with a vice grip. Instead of substituting a fictiona... Read the full review »
  • WHAT I LIKED: Paul Schrader's 'First Reformed,' broadcasts a fairly polemic view about how the hypocritical religious establishment is complicit in the destruction of the Earth through its story of a troubled vicar who slowly comes around to the e... Read the full review »
  • ScreenZealots


    8 / 10
    “Can God forgive us?” Once that line is uttered by Michael (Philip Ettinger), a radical environmental activist and soon-to-be father, it gets in Reverend Toller’s (Ethan Hawke) head. He agonizes over the question as his outlook on salvation... Read the full review »
  • Elite Reviewer


    6 / 10
    While Ethan Hawke's performance was excellent, I found FIRST REFORMED to be just ok. It is an incredibly slow film that was building to a moment that ultimately left me unsatisfied. Read the full review »


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