The Cable Guy (1996)

The Cable Guy (1996)

1996 | PG-13 | 96 Minutes

Drama | Thriller | Comedy

When recently single Steven moves into his new apartment, cable guy Chip comes to hook him up -- and doesn't let go. Initially, Chip is just overzealous in his desire to be Steven's pal, but when S...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • The Cable Guy plugs itself into the comedy circuit using a damaged wire. Carrey was at the height of his career back in the late 90s. The pinnacle of American comedy. Even the most mediocre films garnered a huge response thanks to his energetic performance. And The Cable Guy is just that. Mediocre, but exhaustingly energetic. A boyfriend who has just recently broken up with his partner hires a cable guy to fix his television connectivity issues (and to also get free movie channels!), but in doing so lets himself become vulnerable to the cable guy's stalker-like behaviour.

    A surprisingly dark comedy from Stiller and Apatow that addresses the apt theme of television use. Youngsters sitting down watching various channels, assimilating what is being shown and changing their behaviour, later causing social issues. Parents always tell their children to stop watching television, and this film realises that outcome of television addiction. It also has traits of a thriller as Carrey's loveable yet creepy "Chip" stalks his clients intrusively in an attempt to befriend them. Almost satirising the genre, with the screenplay containing various film quotes and Carrey re-producing the background music to a 'Star Trek' episode with plenty of "da-da-da-DAA-DAA" (I totally don't do that myself...).

    Unfortunately, the concept felt fuzzy and does not exhume the clearest of pictures. The darker thrilling tones rarely complemented the slapstick comedy, even with Carrey's ridiculously over-the-top performance that had me mentally and physically exhausted. The narrative felt like a collection of scenarios, such as the fight in "Medieval Times" and the karaoke party, just to display Carrey's comedic craziness without a grounded approach. There's a major disconnect with Broderick's lead character and the supporting characters were underused. Yet it was a watchable flick that endeavoured to change Carrey. Did I laugh? Once or twice. Was I creeped out? Occasionally, with Carrey glimpsing us with his unhinged performance. Therefore it is somewhat of a success, but an undercooked dark comedy that had much more potential.