Free Fire (2017)

Free Fire (2017)

2017 | R | 91 Minutes

Action | Drama | Crime | Comedy

Free Fire is a crime drama set in 1970's Boston, about a gun sale which goes wrong.

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • Free Fire is a barrage of gunfire, witty one liners and a multitude of accents. If that sounds like your cup of tea then go ahead and give this a watch, you'll find it highly amusing. An arms deal goes terribly awry when a small fist fight turns into a factory shootout where nobody can be trusted. Think of this as a modernisation of 'Reservoir Dogs'. All set in one location, various personalities and plenty of violent profanity. Each character has their own accent and personable traits to differentiate themselves. A sarcastic American, an eccentric South African, a stupid Englishman and many more. I had to adjust my hearing for each character, I got there eventually. The chaos starts from one punch and, much like a ticking time bomb, escalates the tension and frantic mayhem. Approximately seventy minutes (excluding the introduction) of gunfire, verbal abuse and crawling along the floor. Literally. Bang Bang Bang "You shot my suit!" Bang Bang "Your breath stinks and you have a serious case of BO!" Bang Bang Bang. It kept me amused...for the first forty five minutes. The problem with using the same scenario and not changing it up for an entire film, is that it becomes tedious rapidly. There's no twists or turns, just two sides of a bad arms deal shooting each other. Couldn't keep my attention the whole way through. The amusement comes from the humorous screenplay and dialogue execution. Copley, Hammer, Murphy, Larson and everyone else manage to perform their lines in perfect comedic timing. You shan't be rolling on the floor laughing, yet it's enough to make you chuckle and smile. Heck I did, and I'm dead inside. Wheatley's directing style was clean, even amidst the chaos he was able to keep the camera and ensure we could see everything. The story, or lack of, is predictable however the writing style and acting is enough to withstand ninety minutes of carnage. Do not take this film seriously, it's just light hearted fun. I think I've seen enough guns for one day. Oh, and it seems most of these weapons have unlimited ammunition! Small nitpick...