Overlord (2018)

Overlord (2018)

2018 | R | 110 Minutes

Action | Science Fiction | Thriller | War | Horror

On the eve of D-Day during World War II, American paratroopers are caught behind enemy lines after their plane crashes on a mission to destroy a German Radio Tower in a small town outside of Norman...

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • Creeper3455

    8 / 10
    (Spoilers I guess? for Mandy,so look out)
    Overlord will be produced by JJ Abrams (Super 8 and Star Wars The Force Awakens),QUICK! Start all the Cloverfield Universe theories before it’s too late!
    Alright,all jokes aside,uhh...What’s to say really about Overlord,other than it’s a gorefest full of moments so fun you could make a poem about it and just use the adjective FUN for every word? Or,you know,just stick to the song from SpongeBob about Fun….
    This will probably be a tough one to review,since everything about it was full of wonderment,right down to the script,which manages to keep a fair balance between action,campiness and straight up horror stuff. Like,hell...If you’ll see the Paramount logo in black and white,followed by a Fallout-ish opening,you know you’ll be in for a ride.
    It’s a Saving Private Ryan-esque story mashed with a B-Movie plot about Zombinazis and immortal beings that should feel like they had two different movies and the studio mashed them together...But NO. This is reality,oh holy TNTs!
    It’s also surprisingly easy to follow,considering it’s a (sort of) War Movie,and usually these kind of movies have a tough time to let the audience follow the story
    Even the cinematography is to be praised,as director Julius Avery said they wanted to do this whole minute of “just a shot” on purpose,and it felt crazy for the director,but hey,you have JJ Abrams as a producer,so of course everything can happen in Production. This whole minute of ‘Just a Shot’ is just as intense as the ‘just a shot’ in Mandy where Nic Cage is mourning for the death of his wife.
    And all the violence in this movie,man… Like,2018 is proving to be a violent year for independent movies. Revenge started the year with a girl shooting a guy’s arm in a non-American style,followed by Mandy with a scene where Nic Cage rips a guy’s head in MASS INSANITY (alongside a glorious Chainsaw Fight),and now here we have Overlord,with a guy’s head exploding through a grenade in his mouth,a gal’s head and spine trapped that can still talk (with some serious RoboCop 2014 vibes) and a badass lady shooting a zombie with a flamethrower (just as epic as the last shot in A Quiet Place,I might say).
    And no matter how simple it is,but Jed Kurzel’s take on a bad guy theme will always be fun to hear,with those threatening violins going in a serious and...Well,”threatening” way.
    If I had to point some flaws,just the fact that for the first 40 mins or so,the movie is overly dark. I didn’t have a problem with it,but it may be annoying for some viewers.
    And the sound reel I had in my theater (a traditional Digital Theater) feels like it belongs to an IMAX copy of it (which makes sense,considering the release of the movie in IMAX,although in Italy we don’t have it,what the hell?).
    But above the flaws… Roses are red,Violets are blue,Birds are chirping through the clouds,Overlord is super fun and depending on your point of view,you’re destined to have a great time at this ‘what is supposed to be’ Trashy War B-Movie.