Pokémon: The Movie 2000 (2000)

Pokémon: The Movie 2000 (2000)

2000 G 84 Minutes

Adventure | Fantasy | Animation | Science Fiction | Family

Ash Ketchum must put his skill to the test when he attempts to save the world from destruction. The Greedy Pokemon collector Lawrence III throws the universe into chaos after disrupting the balance...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • Pokémon The Movie 2000 tries to capture the grandiose of its predecessor, but doesn't quite reach that level. Ultimately this review will be somewhat biased, as a massive fan of the franchise I will always have a soft spot for these films. However, of the original trilogy, this is the weakest. Ash and the gang are caught in an elemental battle which could potentially end the world. It's up to him to retrieve three orbs from three islands that are protected by three legendary birds. The plot just reminds me of a 'The Legend of Zelda' game, having to obtain three key items. Anyway, I digress. Obviously tailored to younger audiences, the moral in this story is all about courage. It's not as hard hitting or preachy as the first movie, but still prevalent nonetheless. I do find the plot somewhat contradictory to the main purpose of the franchise. The antagonist is a collector, he wishes to obtain the legendary birds. Something that you are able to do in the video game instalments. He has a terribly designed floating fortress just to hold artefacts and relics. But he is lambasted for wanting to collect Pokémon. Sure he might just use them as show pieces but I don't see any rules against that? Aside from the underdeveloped villain, we have a bunch of new characters like Melody who sparks Misty's jealousy for Ash, Slowking who...just talks and Lugia. Simply badass. Characters are more developed than others, the shining stars though are Team Rocket who indeed change their ethos and instead assists the protagonist in saving the world. A refreshing twist in my opinion. Convenient? Sure but heck I found it enjoyable. The animation has aged extremely well. Plenty more frantic action this time around, particularly as Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno battle each other. The overall narrative does feel like an extended episode rather than a movie, but I quite like that. It harks back to the TV series and gives plenty of cameo opportunities for the likes of Professor Oak and Ash's mother. Fans of the franchise (like myself) and younger audiences will enjoy this. Everyone else? Avoid.