Who has seen all of the official James Bond films?

by Chris 2 years ago
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  1. Chris
    Updated: 2 years ago

    I personally have not seen all of the official James Bond films (24 as of writing this). I am thinking of doing a marathon of all of them. For those of you that have seen all of them, would you recommend a marathon? Also, who is your favorite Bond actor and which film is your favorite?

  2. Barneyonmovies
    Updated: 2 years ago

    Yes definitely, lots of them are great movies. I'd spread the marathon out over afew months though or you might get a bit bored after 24!!

  3. lololovesfilms
    Updated: 2 years ago

    I've only seen the Daniel Craig ones and maybe one Sean Connery one. BigJ has seen many, many more, but we will eventually watch them all! A marathon would be amazing!!

  4. JRhagan
    Updated: 2 years ago

    I tried one recently, but haven't finished them all yet. They get start to get kinda stale in the middle, however the Connery and Craig films are amazing!