What do you believe Objectively is the greatest film of all time?

by SceneItReviews 10 months ago
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  1. SceneItReviews
    Updated: 10 months ago

    When I think about great movies, the main criteria they have to follow is

    • Entertaining
    • Thought Provoking
    • Endearing
    • Memorable
    • Explorative
    • Large Social Impact

    Without the conventions of nostalgia, personal taste or any of that, I think objectively the movie that fills all these boxes the best is Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975)

  2. FILM
    Updated: 10 months ago

    @SceneItReviews I would judge my greatest film on the following:

    • General quality of filmmaking (acting/editing/writing etc.)
    • Influence on the filmmaking landscape
    • Time spent thinking about it after watching (memorable scenes/ambiguous ending/philosophy etc.)

    Based on this, I would declare 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) the greatest.

  3. buffed_film_buff
    Updated: 10 months ago

    I haven't seen enough movies to decide this AT ALL. Plus I tend to lean towards the emotional side of things, and i know this is probably the strangest pick ever, but it is currently my favorite movie: Short Term 12. Extraordinary performances, a heart wrenching look into his characters lives, and it really made me think for several hours afterward (mind you, I was crying rather hard.) films really depend on the viewer, and what strikes equally the most familiar and powerful chord inside them, and I really adore this movie, although I know it's not very conventional. Again, I haven't seen enough fantastic movies to really nail down what i think is the greatest movie ever, but @SceneItReviews picked Jaws, so, it's whatever appeals to the viewer the most.

  4. FILM
    Updated: 10 months ago

    @buffed_film_buff You do have a point with saying you've not seen enough. I'm quite embarassed to admit some of the films I've not seen and should probably come back and decide properly after watching them.