Are you ready to return to movie theaters?

by Chris 2 months ago
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  1. Chris
    Updated: 2 months ago

    If theaters were to open tomorrow with new films, would you return to the theater? I am still worried, but I would be open to the idea if the theaters were limiting how many tickets they were selling. I would also aim for smaller crowd times, like the first in the morning show times. I personally would wear a mask the whole time.

    Would you return to theaters now or do you feel it needs more time?

  2. BarneyNuttall
    Updated: 2 months ago

    I really want to but, same as you, I'm still concerned. Since everyone stays in one room with the same air re-circulating, it seems very risky. Saying that the fact that cinemas are showing old releases is a massive incentive. I would also wear a mask the entire time but I think it would probably be uncomfortable. I also doubt that everyone would do the same as there is no way you could enforce this easily. For now, I'm satisfied with staying at home.

  3. Barneyonmovies
    Updated: 2 months ago

    I have been to my local cinema to see a re-run Empire Strikes Back and it was a brilliant experience to be back again - especially in such an empty screening where seats are booked off for social distancing. I'm not worried about the virus personally being relatively young and healthy (fingers crossed!!) and can't wait for some new films to come out