Browsing movies on FilmFed just got a whole lot easier!

by Chris 3 years ago
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  1. Chris
    Updated: 3 years ago

    Thank you everyone who has joined FilmFed and provided feedback on how the site can be made better.

    We recently added two new ways to make it easier for members and non-members to browse movies on FilmFed.

    As of this morning, you can now browse our entire movie catalog (which is always growing) through genre pages:

    We have also added the ability to browse through 200 popular films (updated daily).

  2. redcore
    Updated: 3 years ago

    how do we add missing movies? =)

  3. Chris
    Updated: 3 years ago

    @psylunne I have started a new thread where you can request to have a film manually added to FilmFed.

    Can't find a film you are looking for?