My trips to the cinema 2020

A decade of death and damnation has passed, and now we move onto another. But hey, I’ve given up all hope in enough of these diaries’ forewords. Isn’t it best that I keep my spirits up rather than dwell on the negatives? I’m going to start gender therapy and, if I decide this is right for me, hormones soon! I may finally get a job! Bob’s Burgers has a movie! Trump is going to court! Republicans may stay in office! *smack* Boris is going to emerge victorious! *smack* Great Britain will go down in flames! *smack* The free European internet’s going to die! *smack* Disney may control the whole corporate landscape and the world by 2029! *smack* The world is going to bloody end! *smack* I’m going to hit my 30’s! *smack smack smack* But this can’t actually be the end of cinema, right? Sure, all hope may be eradicated from this planet forever, but at least I have my own future and a new age of cinema to keep me company through these doomed times! I just hope I won’t be *as* addicted, what with all the repertoires. Let’s just see what surely wondrous 2020 vision (and sound) is in store for me, okay?
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