Bradley Hamilton

Bradley Hamilton wanted to be an actor from a very young age. Although he showed a strong interest in performance, Bradley's first love was hockey. He grew up playing and went on to play four years of Junior hockey with the Brockville Tikis. Following his hockey career, he moved to Ottawa to go to college for Business Studies. After his studies, Bradley entered the modeling industry with representation from Models International Management in Ottawa. This proved to be an incredibly successful endeavor and reinvigorated his passion for the arts. Around this time, Bradley also started acting part-time, and was quickly signed with a talent agent. With modeling and acting becoming such a big part of his life, Bradley finally decided to dedicate his time to both, and became a full-time model and actor. His modeling work has earned him the award for Best Male Model at the 2017 Faces Magazine Awards. He has gone on to model in magazines, has been featured in commercials, and has had a variety of film and television roles. Bradley is also a voice actor, with a wide range and impressive skill. Bradley is based in Ottawa and Toronto and Montreal