Josef Fares

Birthday: September 19th, 1977 Place of Birth: Beirut, Lebanon

Josef Fares (born 19 September 1977) is a Crystal-Simorgh winning Swedish film director of Lebanese Aramean origin. His brother is the actor Fares Fares, who has appeared in many of his films. Josef Fares moved to Sweden when he was 10 years old and lives in Örebro, Örebro län. Variety declared him one of ten upcoming directors to watch in 2006. The same year he won the Nordic Council Film Prize for his film Zozo. He also played the character of "Josef" in his feature film Leo, which was selected for the Focus section in the 58th Edition of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2008. In 2013 he directed his first video game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: a story-driven adventure video game, well received by critics, about an interaction between the two boys with each other and the journey around their world.