Yumika Hayashi

Birthday: June 27th, 1970 Date of Death: June 28th, 2005 Place of Birth: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Yumika Hayashi (林由美香 Hayashi Yumika?, June 27, 1970 – June 28, 2005) was a Japanese AV idol and pink film actress. She earned the title of "Japan's Original Adult Video Queen" during a 16-year career in which she starred in nearly 200 AVs and appeared in over 180 films. Hayashi was also a prominent pink film actress; she was the subject of a 1997 documentary and the recipient of the Best Actress award at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony in 2004 as well as receiving the Special Career Award the following year. Her death on June 28, 2005, one day after her 35th birthday, ended one of the longest careers in the AV field and made front-page news in Tokyo. Following her death, Hayashi was awarded a second Special Career Award at the 2006 Pink Grand Prix ceremony and became the subject of several theatrical retrospectives and a 382-page biography. [Wikipedia]