Lesley Selander

Birthday: May 26th, 1900 Date of Death: December 5th, 1979 Place of Birth: Los Angeles - California - USA

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Lesley Selander (May 26, 1900 – December 5, 1979) was an
American film director of Westerns and science fiction movies. His career as
director, spanning 127 feature films and dozens of TV episodes, lasted from
1936 to 1968. Before that, Selander was assistant director on films such as The
Cat and the Fiddle (1934), A Night at the Opera (1935), and Fritz Lang's Fury

To this day, Selander remains one of the most prolific
directors of feature Westerns in cinema history, having taken the helm for 107
Westerns between his first directorial feature in 1936 and 1967. In 1956, he
was nominated for the Directors Guild of America award for Outstanding
Directorial Achievement in Television, for his work directing a 1954 episode of