Absolute Zero (2005)

Absolute Zero (2005)

2005 86 Minutes

Action | Science Fiction | TV Movie

INTER SCI climatologist Dr. David Kotzman has evidence that a shift in the Earth's polarity triggered the last Ice Age...in a single day. Now, it's happening again, and there's no time to escape. A...

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4 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • "Science is NEVER wrong."

    That's the catch-phrase of the film that is repeated over and over and over and over again almost if it's a mantra to be force-fed to the "Science Denier" to help in their conversion. You know whom they mean; the person who questions the science of man-man global warming when the proponents of Climate Change have been caught time and time again manipulating data, falsifying results or cherry-picking only the data that supports their hypothesis and then aggressively attacking anyone who even thinks about jeopardizing their government-funded research with contrary facts or even asking questions. If you want to be surprised and "enjoy" the movie, you will want to stop reading now. From this point on, there be spoilers a'plenty.

    Anyway, for a movie that insists that Science is never wrong, they sure did get most of it that way for this film. The BIGGEST blunder is confusing the actual axis poles with the magnetic ones and somehow blaming the magnetic ones for the planetary temperature regions of the planet. As the magnetic poles shift, so does the wintry weather that normally hangs out at the polar axis's. Icebergs and frozen "fresh" crabs appearing off the coast of Miami with the justification of there being an undiscovered underground glacier somewhere in the Florida Keys. Frozen skeletons in a cave, somehow missing their flesh, on top of the miles deep ice of Antarctica that happened during a flash freeze 10,000+ years ago but all of the snow and ice that fell didn't bury the "cave". My favorite was the lack of visible breath or vehicle exhaust while the survey crews worked in the frigid temperatures of the frozen wastelands.

    Nevertheless, these are just a handful of the gaffs that could have you screaming at the television no matter what side of the Climate Disruption (the NEW term we're now trying out for effect in the Scientific Community) fence you sit upon. Anyway, this is just a bad, bad movie (and not in the entertaining 'Satellite of Love' sort of way) and should be relegated to the bottom of the barrel where the rest of the rotten fish lay.