Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher (2012)

2012 | PG-13 | 130 Minutes

Drama | Thriller | Crime

In an innocent heartland city, five are shot dead by an expert sniper. The police quickly identify and arrest the culprit, and build a slam-dunk case. But the accused man claims he's innocent and s...

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • WHAT I LIKED: You may be expecting a run-off-the-mill action movie, and what you get with 'Jack Reacher,' is certainly an element of that, but also a far more sophisticated and surprisingly clever crime-film underneath. Indeed firstly this is genuinely a film full of detail, and that comes across not only in each brilliant fight/action sequence, but also in the characterisation and writing where Jack Reacher is pegged extremely well by Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise. Secondly though, there's a real 90's vibe thanks to constant stylistic choices and another awesome score from Joe Kraemer, and in the end, this amounts to something very appealing that will most likely exceed expectations and unlock some genuine engagement and admiration.
    WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The film seems to want you in the know, but the plot is so over-complicated that you may as well forget it...
    VERDICT: Watch this with an analytical head and you'll be surprised at how clever it is. Want to watch and engage? You'll have a ball, but you will be confused as hell...