The Homecoming (1973)

The Homecoming (1973)

1973 111 Minutes

Drama | TV Movie

In a dreary North London flat, the site of perpetual psychological warfare, a philosophy professor visits his family after a nine-year absence and introduces the four men - father, uncle and two br...

Overall Rating

6 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • I can truly say I've never experienced anything like this in all the years I've been watching movies. Now, one might say that this is a very British work and the lack of connection would be related to that but I can protest that thought with my exposure to many other British selections I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

    Honestly, this is a two-hour exploration of the state of uncomfortableness. If you looked up the definition of dysfunctional, I'm pretty sure that somewhere within the text you would have a reference or two to this film. It seems that every character's underlying goal is to make every other character in the film as uncomfortable as possible constantly. Physical confrontations, verbal sparring, continuous innuendo, purposely ignoring each other and screaming accusations are involved in some sort or another with every piece of dialog. The amount of hate that is portrayed by each character, no matter what combination of characters are interacting together, radiates like the waves of heat from a Summer sidewalk. Even the husband and wife can't stand each other and look like they would pull knives out on each other and have a go with them at the first opportunity. Personal space is repeatedly invaded purposely to make sure that no aspect of civility is left unchallenged.

    There is also a scene where the wife has a go with both of her brothers-in-law at the same time in front of her husband and his father. Of course, that is just the prelude to the conversation the 5 gentlemen get into about turning the woman into the house whore where everyone gets a turn. Not willing to cover her living expenses, they then explore the option of pimping the woman out 4 hours a day up on Greek Street so she could earn her own pocket money. Unbelievably, she works out a deal to get a three-room flat, a wardrobe and maid service in the bargain.

    The experience needs to be sampled first-hand for you to completely get the gist of the film. Just don't come into it expecting anything like you've ever seen before. It's definitely something completely different.