Assassination (1987)

Assassination (1987)

1987 PG-13 105 Minutes

Drama | Action | Thriller

Jay Killon is the bodyguard of the recently elected US president, but he is assigned to the first lady (Lara Royce). Lara hates Killon so she does all she can to escape. The story complicates when...

Overall Rating

4 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • The people that put this film together really had no clue on how the Secret Service operates. Whether this was done on purpose to mislead anyone with less than honorable notions or out of Hollywood Ignorance, it really doesn't matter. The thought that a Protectee would be allowed to override Secret Service Policy is absurd and their continued blatant interference with the protective doctrine would not only be terminated at the first episode, but would also result in the Protectee being only kept in secure locations without venturing out into the public eye. The Protectee would not be allowed to be used as bait to trap a suspect, nor would they be allowed to trek across the country vagabond-style in hopes of outrunning their tail. The action scenes were laughable and the shooting was atrocious. If ANY agent or terrorist were to miss their target with as many shots as these characters did, they would have been fired or retired well before they reached their current status. Definitely NOT one of Bronson's best.