Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery (2019)

2019 PG-13 97 Minutes

Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Action

After attending a gathering on a billionaire's yacht during a European vacation, a New York cop and his wife become prime suspects when he's murdered.

Overall Rating

4 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • Moviegeek98


    1 / 10
    “Murder Mystery”, directed by Kyle Newacheck, is the kind of lazy and uninspired cinematic trash that can only be made by someone who knows that it doesn’t matter and breathes in their own foul stink with zero-dimensional characters, the sitcom worthy jokes they make, or literary anything else.
    The plot follows a New York cop and his wife as they go on a European Vacation to reinvigorate the spark in their marriage. After meeting a wealthy man and getting invited to his huge party, this amazing opportunity leads to them being framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire.
    The film, which co-stars Jennifer Aniston, is neither enjoyable as a comedy nor engaging as a mystery. If you’ve seen an Adam Sandler film anytime this century, you know what you’re getting, and it’s not interesting or funny. While the premise doesn’t sound horrific on paper, what we get instead is Sandler and Aniston, who are playing the frustrated spouse sniping at the significant other characters extremely tiresomely, stumbling through the script and having plot conveniences drop right in front of them. Dragging like a dead body, the film’s writing is as lazy and uninspired as a fat slob sitting in front of a computer and bashing this cash-in check for Sandler. Worst of all, the acting is incredibly annoying, to the point that it comes off as a inexpensive theater project being performed by kids that are high on caffeinated beverages. At least Sandler is nesting comfortably knowing that he received another vacation thanks to this piece of trash.
    “Murder Mystery’s” only real mystery is why films like these are getting made? Oh, right... MONEY! An aggravatingly idiotic and mediocre film that shouldn’t be labeled as a comedy because that’s an insult to the genre, “Murder Mystery” is the same old Sandler shtick on autopilot with juvenile writing, over the top annoying stereotype characters littering the entire supporting cast, and a struggling narrative that fails to deliver enough thrills to make it a worthwhile endeavor.