Paddington (2015)

Paddington (2015)

2015 PG 95 Minutes

Family | Comedy

A young Peruvian bear with a passion for all things British travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he begins to realize that city life is not a...

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9 / 10
Verdict: Great

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  • BarneyNuttall


    9 / 10
    Paddington is bursting with fun. Slick filmmaking partners up with a humorous and comforting story making for a film the whole family really will enjoy. Paddington's slapstick humour echoes Chaplin while the Brown family, headed by Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville, are the classic disassociated Disney family; think Mary Poppins or Peter Pan. On top of that, Nicole Kidman (yes, Nicole Kidman) is the most Scooby-Doo, James Bond evil mc evil-face villain who brings genuine moments of tension to the piece. Stuffing Paddington really is quite a horrendous image.
    What really elevates Paddington is the superbly subtle, and I suppose really rather objective social commentary. I strongly felt that the film was an analogy for refugees. While it may seem like a push, Mr. Brown's unexplained mistrust of Paddington, journeying by boat to the UK after one's home has been demolished all seem to correlate. Think about when Paddington says his name in bear. After roaring, Mr. Brown says 'That's quite hard to pronounce.' It's a comedic line but you can't help thinking you've heard it somewhere.

    Whether you choose to see the underlying message or not, the film is a charming romp, rife with British talent. It is one of those films where it truly feels like everyone was absolutely pulling their weight. From the impressive visual effects of Paddington himself to the charming set design consisting of cherry blossom wallpaper and the most complicated vacuum tube-based archive system to ever bless our screens, Paddington is a joy for all.