Demolition Man (1993)

Demolition Man (1993)

1993 R 115 Minutes

Action | Adventure | Comedy | Science Fiction

Simon Phoenix, a violent criminal cryogenically frozen in 1996, has escaped during a parole hearing in 2032 in the utopia of San Angeles. Police are incapable of dealing with his violent ways and t...

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • BarneyNuttall


    7 / 10
    This Stallone action movie has a strong concept at its centre. Through this idea, one can read further into demolition man, possibly as an exploration of when socialism, or what appears to be so, collapses into a dictatorship. However, any form of interest is form apart by the inevitable Stallone scenes of action, sex and slick one liners. If Demolition Man escaped the boundaries of the movie studio and perhaps functioned as an independent comic book, then this satiric sci fi concept would flourish.